5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Dylan Furst @fursty

If you’re an outdoors and adventure enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with lifestyle photographer, Dylan Furst’s account. Hailing from the mystical Pacific Northwest, Dylan captures some of the most stunning topographical photography out there in terms of nature. There is something uniquely appealing about the textures he creates in his often moss-covered snapshots. Anyone with an appreciation for the rustic side of the world will find a familiar place within these moments found deep in the forest.


Devin McGovern @outlinedcloth

Menswear and lifestyle blogger, Devin McGovern, has that discerning taste every guy aspires to. Based in California, Devin has a special interest in everything celebrated here at Kent & Bond: small-batch, handmade quality goods. Go ahead and draw some inspiration from this man’s unwavering taste. Beyond fashion, you will certainly find an appreciation for the serenity of the great outdoors.


Daniel Ernst @daniel_ernst

It is safe to say this guy has seen it all, done it all. Based in Germany, Daniel has explored much of the world and documented it in brilliant fashion on Instagram. From what started as a one-way flight to New Zealand lead to a whole series of expeditions. His simple Why not? attitude makes him a great personality to follow. Whether it’s mesmerizing shots of kayaking lakes in Switzerland, or frozen landscapes in Norway, Daniel brings an incredible perspective.


Alex Stead @nikon_photography_

Alex Stead is more than one of the world’s most talented photographers. He is an entertainer, an advocate for exploration and playfully pushing the boundaries. If this doesn’t convince you yet, he even has his own Snapchat. Check out his perspective as he travels the globe in search of the most epic environments - be it the Alps or a helicopter tour of San Francisco.


Kent & Bond @kentandbond

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