Welcome to Kent & Bond

The first organic men's grooming brand.

Made for the rustic side of the refined man.

Founded by two friends from Canada and Maine, we have an appreciation for wilderness and all things authentic. We experienced nature first hand and love it for what it is, knowing that it’s best in its purest form.

We only use the best of what nature has to offer. Our advanced formulas deliver the performance that men demand, with none of the harsh chemicals. After many rounds of testing we have formulated the best organic grooming products for men. All of our products are handcrafted in the USA with incredible attention to detail.

When we started out we asked one another what we expected from our grooming products. Things like organic ingredients, free shipping, convenient auto-replenishment, and charitable giving were always requirements in our eyes.

It's time to expect more from mens grooming. We believe you should care about what you put on your body, just as much as you care about what you put in it. We have raised the bar for mens grooming.

Check out our products and let us know what you think.
we love what we do and hope you do too.