How To Stay Groomed In The Backwoods

As the snow begins to melt, and the cool air warms, the outdoorsman in us will begin to yearn once more for long wilderness adventures and mountainous journeys. Whether you’re taking on the Appalachian or just taking a weekend trip with some friends, a man’s grooming regimen is often left behind. Don’t believe the common misconception that there is no need to remain well kept in the backwoods. While venturing through the brush, any wilderness-bound gentleman will adjust, not abandon, his routine. Separate yourself from the animals and consider an optimized array of grooming essentials. Below are five grooming goods to never leave behind on your trip into the woods:

No matter the length of your journey, there is no excuse for bad body odor. Carry a powerful deodorant and your fellow adventurers will thank you. Weighing in at just a few ounces, this is a must have that you won’t feel in your pack.
When selecting a deodorant that will do the trick, avoid aluminum on the ingredient list. This is the active ingredient in most antiperspirants (different from deodorants), but also may carry negative long-term health effects. Save yourself the concern and go for an organic blend. While your crew won’t give you a break on your BO, they won’t hassle you for breaking a sweat during a long day on the trail.


This is an item that is commonly misunderstood and underutilized. Not just a beach product, a sunburn is no joking matter wherever you are. You'll need this anytime you’re staying in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Despite not being perceived as a grooming product, your older self will thank us. Beyond the obvious discomfort of a sunburn, the harmful rays of the sun can wreak havoc on your skin long-term. Over the years, neglect and exposure can create early wrinkles. Whether your preference is ‘screen’ or ‘block’, don’t be foolish and bring the protection from the sun your body deserves.
Look for products with zinc oxide and higher SPF levels for maximum protection. 


Exfoliating Soap
A high-functioning bar soap is critical when you’re cutting down on your common grooming assortment. Great soaps can pack a punch and remain lightweight in your pack. Whether you’re rinsing off in the river, or lucky enough to have access to clean water, bar soap will remove the day’s dust and grime.
Look for a soap that brings exfoliating and hydrating properties as your typical scrub and moisturizer will be far too bulky to carry. While you’re at it, embrace the outdoors and look for a cold-process, organic bar with a woodsy scent. You’ll feel right at home among the trees and you won’t leave any damaging chemicals behind.


Body Salve
When you’re roaming the outdoors, any number of ailments can cause damaged, dry skin. Having a multipurpose salve on hand can take care of any irritation that may arise. Whether it’s intense winds, dry air, dehydration or even sitting next to a fire, dry skin is an issue that starts small, but can be a real problem down the line. Fortunately this little item can do a lot more than just heal dry skin. Whether it’s a rash, or even a sunburn, an effective formula will be sure to speed up your recovery and leave you feeling comfortable to conquer the trail.
Look for a salve with organic butters and beeswax to build a barrier between you and the elements.


Lip Balm
Same as your skin, your lips can take damage from the elements. Keeping your lips hydrated is no different. This makes for a great small item to add to your pack.
We suggest an all-natural balm that has beeswax and pure oils as key ingredients. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In conclusion, it is crucial to not leave your grooming habits at home as you head off to escape the confines of the urban world. With these tips and products, you are sure to feel better on whatever adventure you choose, and return home the groomed man you left as. The lady in your life will certainly be appreciative.