5 Craft Beers You Need To Try

Gents, there aren't many ‘trends’ we find intriguing; but a nationwide revolution of beer culture?  Sign us up. Craft beers are everywhere these days, and we love them. Everyone is jumping on board and developing a more sophisticated taste for beer.  You might want to do the same, however, delving into this world can be daunting and finding your favorite new, crafty brew can be a bit of a challenge.  That is why we created our list of the top 5 craft beers that knocked our socks off.  No longer will you settle for average. Use this list to confidently guide you through selecting a beer outside of your comfort zone.  After all, there’s no time better to get started than St. Patrick’s Day!

5. Boulevard Brewing Co.
As one of the largest specialty brewers in the Midwest, Boulevard offers a diverse selection with a unique fresh taste.  Founded in Kansas City, they offer tours of their original brewery as well as a tasting room. We recommend the original Boulevard Wheat for a nice, smooth taste.  

4. Brooklyn Brewery
This well established beer company has been thriving since 1984.  You could say they might have outgrown the title ‘micro-brewery’ but it is in their heritage. This brewery keeps us interested with an innovative approach, bringing new flavors upon each season’s arrival.  For those gents who like the dark stuff we recommend their Insulated Dark Lager.

3. Goose Island Beer Co.
Set up and brewed in Chicago, Goose Island has pioneered their way to bringing a whole new flavor to the bar.  It’s called bourbon-aged beer.  The process starts with sourcing barrels that have held sensationally sweet whiskey in their bellies for an average of 8 years.  They continue to let these barrels age Goose Island’s beer for an additional 8-12 months. The result?  A barrel pulling whiskey flavor into each beer they serve.

2. Aspen Brewing Co.
Whether you’re skiing in the winter or hiking trails in the summer, there is nothing better than ending a long, active day with a cold brew.  Although famous for their ‘Aspen Blonde,’  this brewery works hard to deliver new refreshing selections every season.  In addition to being dedicated to deliver their best taste, Aspen Brewing works just as hard at reducing their carbon footprint.  So go ahead and have a beer- it’s good for you and the environment.  

1. Sierra Nevada
A classic California brewery, Sierra Nevada is based in Chico with a taproom known both for its beer and delicious food.  If you’re into a hoppy beer, look no further as this company was opened solely to perfect the hop-forward Pale Ale.  Did you know?  Sierra Nevada teamed up with Boulevard Brewing Co. to create a signature beer for the prestigious SAVOR: Craft Beer and Food Festival held annually in D.C.  Partly brewed in Chico, aged in oak barrels, and finally blended in KC, this collaboration was something that the beer community had never witnessed before.   

We want to hear your favorites too, feel free to send us recommendations to include on our next list.  

Remember to wear your green and drink responsibly.