Top 5 Commonly Forgotten Grooming Tips

Have A Great Barber

Always important, yet sometimes forgotten, well-kept hair that fits your style and facial profile is step #1 to having that dapper look. A quick giveaway to a sloppy guy is overgrown neck and sideburn hair. To keep things looking fresh and trimmed visit the barber on a regular basis (ideally every 2 - 4 weeks depending on your cut and growth).

Make sure you’ve also selected a top-tier man for the job. A reliable and skilled barber can make all the difference when needing a quick trim, or free advice. When selecting a barber, ask around, usually a great barber will have a reputation that precedes him. When meeting in person look for confidence, evaluate their personal style, and pay attention to whether he is asking the right questions.

Beard Responsibly

As we all know, the beard is on the rise. It’s no longer a trend and has increasingly become more accepted. At this point there is little little to be said about having or not having a beard. We recommend doing whatever makes you most comfortable.

That said, if you do beard, beard responsibly. We recommend not attempting if you have any issue with growing a full beard (it’s okay, you can’t be good at everything). Alternatively, for the guys who are particularly bushley, please ensure your beard is trimmed and neat. Neck beard, excessively-long whiskers, and cheek encroachment are forbidden.

Pro tip - don’t be that guy who forgets how drying beards can be. Often times facial hair can dry out skin, and irritate hair follicles. Make sure you invest in a hydrating tool like beard oil or balm.

Lather Up

Men’s body care and grooming has come a long way. There are now incredible products that help guys out in a lot of ways. That said, don’t overlook the basics. Take care of your whole body and not just your face by investing in your soap. Quality, natural soap goes a long way in providing key benefits to keep your skin exfoliated, hydrated, fresh, and clean.

Natural soap is a win-win, being made of vegetable oils and butters that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy skin. In addition, most high quality soaps will use oils that kill bacteria naturally, without the use of synthetics. As an added bonus, traditionally made organic soap (both gel and bar) include natural, vegetable glycerin to attract moisture to your skin.

Keep The Underarm Under Control

Often hidden and overlooked, the one person who gets up close and personal with your underarm is the one person who you don’t want to disappoint. Your armpits are all about balance. For example you definitely don’t want to let your hair turn into an unkempt jungle, but at the same time a full on shave takes away from the masculine expectation. Keep your underarm hair trimmed to a reasonable length. Benefits are that it will look clean yet masculine, and you’ll sweat less, therefore smelling better.

Picking a great deodorant is critical as well. Trust us, women everywhere understand how important it is during all of those intimate times. You should get a deodorant that can keep you feeling fresh all day, while not having any negative effects from chemicals. When in doubt, reach for an organic stick. Natural essential oils do a great job smelling great, while coconut oil, natural butters, and bentonite clay help to kill odor producing bacteria.


Last but not least, stay hydrated (both inside and outside). Dry skin can be uncomfortable and certainly not attractive. Take care of this easy to solve issue with a multipurpose hydrating balm or moisturizer. This will keep you feeling smooth for all those close encounters. In addition to keeping you looking fresh, hydrating your skin regularly helps to slow down long-term aging.

When selecting a moisturizer you don’t need something complex. Simple solutions and ingredients can do an incredible job while not irritating certain skin types with chemicals. Reach for an organic balm, salve, or moisturizer that’s has a base formula of key natural oils and butters. These help to create a barrier between your skin and the elements to prevent further drying and irritation.