What's The Deal With Organic?

Whether you’re new to organic, or just looking for some more info, you may be wondering, what’s organic all about and why should I care? And it’s a fair question. As more and more men are looking to step up their grooming game, it can seem like there’s a sea of products all claiming to have the solution. So what makes organic grooming different and how does it impact you?

Well, as you might expect the world of personal care is moving towards organic, and here’s why:


1. Organic is restorative. Similar to food, organic grooming products are made from the purest ingredients directly from nature. As a result, your body is able to replenish nutrients, hydrate, and restore damage in the most natural way possible, giving you a clean you can feel good about.


2. It’s chemical-free. Organic products leave out the bad stuff. Like food, your grooming regimen ought to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Your body will benefit most when absorbing real ingredients from nature as opposed to harmful pesticides, aluminum, and other artificial preservatives that don’t belong on your skin.


3. Everybody wins. Not only will you maximize your personal care experience, but using organic products is also good for the environment. Doing so prevents toxic elements from entering our atmosphere and farmlands, and also conserves about 33% less energy. Supporting the organic industry results in an increase in biodiversity and overall a more sustainable planet. The fact that the alternative is detrimental to our environment only implies what it can do to our bodies.


4. It feels better. Ultimately, all of us gents are simply looking for that right product that gets the job done. The good news is that similar to organic foods leaving you feeling energized and healthy; organic grooming results in a pure, more wholesome grooming experience.